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PlugInn, Where Green Travel Begins!

Earth Day is an important day, reminding us to protect our beloved planet and contribute to environmental efforts.

Introducing PlugInn! They offer portable power bank rental services, making it easy for you to charge your devices on the go without worrying about battery depletion. This rental model reduces the need for purchasing power banks, minimizing electronic waste and its impact on the environment.

Such practices fully align with the principles of sustainable development and Custos' values! We both aim to protect our planet through action and provide more convenient green choices. You can use PlugInn's service on Custos!

As a Custos member, every time you use PlugInn, you can accumulate leaves on the Custos APP, enriching your carbon handprint! We are delighted to continue our close collaboration with PlugInn, working together to make a difference for our Earth!


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