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About this Course

This series explores the profound effects of carbon emissions and the importance of adopting sustainable practices. Discover the role of carbon, its environmental impact, and the urgent need for a green lifestyle.


Learn how sustainable choices can mitigate emissions, preserve resources, and create a better future. Gain practical strategies and insights to incorporate eco-conscious habits.


Join us on this transformative journey toward a greener, healthier planet.

In the course you will learn:

  • What carbon is and its significance in our daily lives

  • The environmental, societal, and health impacts of carbon emissions

  • Why adopting a green lifestyle is crucial

  • How to incorporate green lifestyle into daily routine 

  • How to measure and evaluate the impact of green lifestyle



Exploring the basic concept of carbon and its significance in our daily lives.


Exploring the link between carbon emissions and climate change.

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A pioneering concept in sustainability

Exploring Emission Measurement for Individuals and Organizations.

Measuring the Impact of Green Lifestyle and Carbon Footprint Reduction.

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