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About Us

Enterprise software providing infrastructure and data intelligence for carbon reduction from green lifestyles

Our vision and mission

We believe in intergenerational fairness where the needs of future generations should not be compromised, and that present corporates and individuals should prioritise sustainability as a way of life.

Our mission is to provide a financially-viable and supportive ecosystem that empowers both corporations and individuals to take action towards sustainability. 

Meet our leadership team

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Thomas Yap

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On the Right

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas is a serial entrepreneur who is extremely devoted to making an impact on climate change. He is a computer engineer-turned sales leader with an intimate knowledge of Asia Pacific. His entire career has been with data companies and in technologies dealing with breakthrough trends. He previously helped Tableau expand to Asia as a country manager, and also led Qliktech and SAP-Business Objects to capture market share in record timing. 

Jerel Lim

On the Left

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Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Jerel is extremely passionate about giving back to future generations, and wears multiple hats within the startup ecosystem. He is the Chief Operating Officer of DECODE, a non-profit based in Silicon Valley that aims to democratize knowledge and opportunities in tech and entrepreneurship and bridge academia with industry. He is also a venture partner at IOVC, an early stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley. 

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