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Building a Sustainable life with Homeapp123

Let's celebrate Earth Day with Homeapp123(電電租) and build a sustainable life together!

Earth Day reminds us of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable practices. This holiday inspires people to continue pursuing sustainability and protect our beloved planet.

Our partner, Homeapp123(電電租), encourages everyone to rent out their unused home appliances. This not only provides people with a new passive income stream but also allows these appliances to be used more, realizing the concept of resource sharing.

Such practices help reduce the demand for new appliances, thereby minimizing the generation of electronic waste and positively impacting the Earth's environment.

Additionally, sharing appliances helps increase their utilization rate, prolong their lifespan, further reduce the consumption of natural resources, and promote the development of a circular economy.

Homeapp123(電電租)'s initiative conveys the value of cherishing goods, reducing unnecessary waste, and positively influencing the sustainable development of the Earth. This aligns perfectly with Custos's goal of promoting sustainability and creating carbon footprints. Custos is committed to promoting green living through resource sharing to protect our planet.

We are delighted to continue collaborating with Homeapp123(電電租) to jointly achieve a more sustainable future.


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