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​Customer Success Story:

Against the backdrop of increasing global concern about climate change and environmental sustainability, Zero One Tech. has taken an active role and become a leader in sustainable development. Through the implementation of Custos' carbon reduction services, Zero One Tech. has successfully mobilized its employees to participate in 3,788 green actions, demonstrating a responsible corporate attitude.


Zero One Tech. is a company specializing in computer system integration services. They have long been deeply involved in Taiwan's information service industry, providing comprehensive enterprise IT solutions. By integrating IT infrastructure, networking, and information security, they continuously provide customers with forward-looking and competitive innovative value and diverse integration, accelerating the realization of modern enterprise IT.


Zero One Tech. deeply understands that protecting the planet is everyone's responsibility, and therefore actively participates in environmental conservation actions. Through the services provided by Custos, they encourage employees to take collective action to contribute to carbon emission reduction. 


In just two weeks, Zero One Tech. completed 3,788 green actions and contributed 628.8 kilograms of carbon footprint reduction, demonstrating the company's strong commitment to promoting a sustainable culture.


Their efforts were reflected in green actions such as meatless meals and beneficial walking. Particularly noteworthy were the statistics regarding beneficial walking, which equated to climbing Mount Fuji 13.88 times, showcasing their firm environmental stance.


Zero One Technology's General Manager, Chen Jianzhong, stated, "The motivation behind participating in this activity is to convey our concern for environmental protection to society and our employees, and to promote progress within the company. Therefore, we encourage our colleagues to participate, to establish common values together, and to create a better environment for future generations." Zero One Technology's active participation and proactive involvement demonstrate their care for the planet and set an exemplary corporate standard, inspiring more companies to engage in environmental protection initiatives. We look forward to Zero One Technology continuing to collaborate with Custos in the future, working together to protect the earth.

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