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​Customer Success Story:

After implementing Custos' carbon reduction service for two weeks, TPIsoftware collaborated to carry out 915 green actions, not only creating a significant number of carbon handprints but also enhancing the company's ESG report. Moreover, they achieved first place in the Earth Day carbon reduction competition.


As an internationally recognized digital transformation software company specializing in industries such as finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare, TPIsoftware possesses extensive experience and expertise in providing digital financial solutions.


Amidst the global trend of carbon reduction, more and more companies are becoming aware of their responsibilities in climate change and environmental protection. TPIsoftware, recognizing this, demonstrated corporate social responsibility and active participation by mobilizing its employees through Custos' services to participate in carbon reduction efforts and make tangible contributions.


During the short two-week period, TPIsoftware employees collectively completed 915 green actions, averaging 2.6 actions per person per day. Their efforts not only contributed to the planet but also resulted in a total carbon reduction of 176 kilograms. This highlights not only the high level of environmental awareness among TPIsoftware employees but also the company's commitment to sustainable development.


Among these actions, "meatless meal" and "Take Stairs" stood out, with "Take Stairs" being equivalent to climbing Mount Fuji 5.68 times per person! These figures underscore TPIsoftware's strong support and emphasis on environmental sustainability.


We express gratitude to TPIsoftware for their enthusiastic participation and active engagement in sustainability efforts, demonstrating their care for the planet.


Vice President Shu-Ting Yeh further stated, "TPIsoftware is delighted to initiate green transformation with various companies, co-creating a sustainable future and loving the Earth together." We look forward to TPIsoftware continuing to collaborate with us and making further contributions to sustainable development.


As part of corporate social responsibility, TPIsoftware's active participation not only enhances its corporate image but also inspires more companies to engage in environmental protection efforts, collectively safeguarding our planet.

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