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​Customer Success Story:

Custos is dedicated to fostering a culture of sustainability, and we are thrilled to recognize our outstanding enterprise partner, TMHTC. In just two weeks, TMHTC employees actively used our carbon reduction services, completing a remarkable 3,429 green activities, demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.


TMHTC has long been deeply involved in the healthcare industry, integrating ICT technology to provide comprehensive professional services and product solutions in medicine, pharmaceuticals, nursing, and care. Combining artificial intelligence and data governance, TMHTC applies innovative technologies to create a new generation of all-encompassing healthcare systems.


From enjoying meatless meals to opting for public transportation, TMHTC employees demonstrated that small, consistent actions can make a significant impact. One of the most remarkable achievements was the collective decision to take the stairs instead of elevators, they climbed a total number of floors equivalent to scaling Mount Fuji 3.77 times!


Using Custos' innovative platform, TMHTC was able to track and analyze these activities in real-time, providing valuable data to measure their impact accurately. Our platform aims to turn everyday actions into measurable carbon reduction activities, and the gamified design helps maintain high engagement and enthusiasm within the TMHTC team.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to TMHTC for their unwavering support and enthusiastic participation in our sustainability initiatives. Their achievements illustrate how adopting a sustainability culture can lead to significant improvements and progress for enterprises. We are proud to have TMHTC as a partner and look forward to continuing to inspire more organizations and businesses in the future.

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