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​Customer Success Story:

We are honored to have our outstanding enterprise partner, Shinfox Energy. In just two weeks, they actively participated in sustainability initiatives, completing numerous green activities. These activities included choosing meatless meals and using public transportation, demonstrating their strong commitment to environmental protection.


Shinfox Energy, with its core values and vision centered on protecting the earth, sustainable development, green energy carbon reduction, and clean energy, is dedicated to the development of renewable energy and clean energy services and technologies.

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One of the standout achievements by Shinfox Energy employees was their decision to take the stairs instead of elevators, and to ride bicycles instead of driving cars. These choices are not only beneficial for personal health but also significantly reduce carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment. The dedication of Shinfox Energy's team is a testament to the positive impact that individual actions can have when collectively embraced.

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The collaboration with Custos has enabled Shinfox Energy to track and analyze their employees' sustainable actions effectively. By using our platform, they have been able to quantify their carbon handprints and see the tangible benefits of their efforts. This data-driven approach, aligned with ISO standards, helps in fostering a culture of environmental consciousness within the organization.


We are incredibly proud to have Shinfox Energy as a partner. Their proactive steps towards sustainability serve as an inspiration for other companies looking to make a meaningful impact. The partnership between Custos and Shinfox Energy showcases how businesses can leverage innovative solutions to enhance their sustainability practices and engage their employees in creating a better future.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to Shinfox Energy for their continued support and dedication. It is partnerships like these that drive us forward in our mission to lead companies towards a sustainable future. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and working together to create a healthier, greener planet for the next generation.

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