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​Customer Success Story:

we are passionate about fostering a culture of sustainability, and we are thrilled to share the success story of our remarkable enterprise partner, QingSong. Over the past two weeks, QingSong's employees have actively engaged in using Custos' services, participating in an impressive 750 green activities. This level of involvement not only highlights their dedication to environmental protection but also sets a powerful example for others to follow.


QingSong primarily operates community-based and residential long-term care services, offering a wide range of care from home care to community and residential care. They employ a corporate management model to streamline operations, aiming to systematize processes and enhance administrative efficiency. QingSong is one of the few long-term care providers with its own information technology team.

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One of the most remarkable achievements by QingSong employees was their commitment to taking stairs instead of elevators. This simple yet impactful choice contributed significantly to their overall carbon handprint. Moreover, many employees chose meatless meals during this period, further demonstrating their commitment to sustainable living. Both these activities, while seemingly small, have a substantial positive impact on our environment by reducing carbon emissions and promoting healthier lifestyle choices.


The variety of green activities undertaken by QingSong Health's team reflects their strong commitment to sustainability. Each action, whether big or small, contributes to the collective effort of protecting our planet.


Custos' platform played a pivotal role in tracking and measuring these activities, ensuring that every effort was counted and rewarded. The gamified design of our service kept QingSong's employees engaged and motivated, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. This high level of participation and enthusiasm is a testament to QingSong's commitment to sustainability and the effectiveness of our platform in promoting eco-friendly behaviors.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to QingSong for their unwavering support and enthusiastic participation in our sustainability initiatives. Their achievements not only demonstrate the positive impact of adopting a sustainability culture but also inspire other organizations to follow suit. We are proud to have QingSong Health as a partner and look forward to continuing this journey together.

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