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​Customer Success Story:
Grand Fortune Securities(GFS)

Following months of utilizing Custos services, Grand Fortune Securities(GFS) completed 1,261 kilograms of carbon reduction, resulting in substantial resource conservation and environmental waste reduction.

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GFS is one of Taiwan's leading brokerage firms, offering comprehensive financial services such as stock trading, investment advisory, and portfolio management.


With years of experience and expertise, they are committed to providing clients with quality investment advice and services to achieve their financial goals.

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GFS is embracing the ESG trend by evolving into an organization that prioritizes both growth and environmental responsibility. Recognizing the need for active employee engagement in carbon reduction, they turned to Custos for solutions.


Beyond the user-friendly design for daily carbon reduction activities, Custos offers a crucial tool for quantifying effectiveness. This empowers GFS to easily monitor employee participation and track progress in implementing carbon reduction initiatives.

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GFS encourages departments to team up for competitions, tracking both team and individual performance. Through competition, they aim to foster departmental unity and inspire active participation. Custos provides incentives such as stored value transportation cards and eco-friendly products to motivate everyone toward their goals.


Meanwhile, Custos has set up a technical service consulting team to offer real-time internet support to Fubon Securities as required.

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During three months, employees at GFS collectively achieved a reduction of 1,261 kilograms in carbon emissions. On average, each person thought about the planet 4.8 times a day.

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The standout performance came from those who opted to take the stairs, collectively climbing a height equivalent to 32 Mount Hehuans. Additionally, they hosted an award ceremony to honor the departments and individuals who showed exceptional participation during the competition.

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Even after the conclusion of the employee competition, GFS' management remains dedicated to fostering ongoing engagement in carbon reduction initiatives.


Through Custos' gift feature, supervisors will offer substantial rewards to continue incentivizing employee participation, ensuring a lasting commitment to sustainability.

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