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​Customer Success Story:

We are thrilled to spotlight our outstanding enterprise partner, ALLTEK, for their remarkable dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Over the past two weeks, ALLTEK’s employees embraced our services with enthusiasm, participating in a staggering 3,879 green activities. Their commitment to reducing carbon footprints and creating positive "carbon handprints" is a testament to their forward-thinking approach and dedication to a greener future.


ALLTEK is a professional communication component design and distribution company, renowned for its robust IC design capabilities and system integration expertise. For a long time, ALLTEK has focused on the field of communication technology, striving to become the leading professional communication component manufacturer in the Asia-Pacific region.


Using Custos' innovative platform, ALLTEK's workforce engaged in a variety of eco-friendly activities, with notable highlights including meatless meals and the use of public transportation. These actions, seemingly small, collectively contribute to significant environmental benefits. However, what truly stands out is their impressive decision to prioritize stair usage over elevators. Collectively, ALLTEK’s employees climbed a total of 16.56 Mount Fujis! This extraordinary achievement demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and underscores the effectiveness of Custos' platform in promoting green habits.


ALLTEK’s initiative aligns perfectly with Custos' mission to foster a culture of sustainability within organizations. By leveraging our platform, they have not only tracked and managed their green activities but also motivated their employees through a unified, engaging approach. The enthusiasm and dedication shown by ALLTEK’s team highlight the profound impact that corporate involvement can have on promoting environmental consciousness and action.


Chairman of ALLTEK continues to lead colleagues in responding to and implementing the company's sustainability vision.

We are immensely proud to partner with such a forward-thinking organization. ALLTEK’s proactive measures serve as an inspiring example for other enterprises looking to make a positive environmental impact. Their success story demonstrates that significant strides can be made towards a more sustainable future.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to ALLTEK for their incredible efforts and unwavering commitment to environmental protection. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and set a precedent for what can be accomplished when organizations and their employees work hand in hand for a common cause. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and driving more innovative and impactful sustainability initiatives. Here’s to creating a better future for the next generation, together.

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