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Empowering Sustainability with Data

Data-driven infrastructure to improve corporate sustainability culture

Verified Data


Track your carbon reduction with ease.

We authenticate each effort and provide a detailed report of your carbon savings.

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Marketplace for Green Services

Discover a world of green services with our marketplace of trusted providers.


We provide an ecosystem to support sustainable living.

Gamification and Rewards

Incentivize and reward your employees for adopting green lifestyle habits through a range of unique gifts.

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App Pages - Reward
Custoscarbon - company backend dashboard-1
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ISO Compliant Calculations

Report on your carbon reductions with ease.


We comply with ISO standards for our carbon calculations.

Powering brands such as


with ecosystem partners including

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Custos enables us to take concrete steps towards sustainability and solve our desperate need to show progress in our ESG reporting. 

Want a full demo?

Get recognized for your employees' green actions now!

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