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uCup and Custos are collaborating to promote the use of reusable cups.

From left to right: Horace Yeh, regional director of Custos, and Mr. Andy Ding, founder of uCup.

uCup is a green company dedicated to promoting reusable drink cups. Their operational model involves collaborating with beverage or chain store operators to provide polypropylene (PP) cups that are reusable, withstand temperatures from -15℃ to 120℃, and are SGS certified free of heavy metals and plasticizers. Consumers can rent these cups and return them to the store or vending machines after use. The cups are then collected, cleaned, disinfected, and inspected by the manufacturer before being reintroduced into the market for reuse.

uCup, a startup from National Taiwan University, initially focused on campus partnerships and provided students with reusable cups. Over time, they expanded their collaborations to include more chain stores such as PX Mart, Shopee, and Dan Dan Hamburgers in Kaohsiung. In this partnership, Custos users can accumulate points by using uCup's reusable cups and redeem them for eco-friendly rewards.

"uCup's goal of promoting sustainable usage aligns with Custos' mission. Through data analysis and cooperation in the green industry, we aim to assist organizations and individuals in practicing sustainable development. We are thrilled to collaborate with uCup." Stated Horace Yeh, regional director of Custos.

Custos is an ESG data company that helps businesses quantify employee carbon reduction behaviors and achieve sustainability through data analysis. By integrating the green market, implementing employee incentive systems, and offering a user-friendly app, Custos collects carbon reduction data to make ESG behaviors more tangible and measurable, thereby optimizing sustainability efforts.

The collaboration between uCup and Custos symbolizes the future trend of the reusable cup industry and sustainable behavior data analysis. It encourages the public to engage in sustainable actions and takes an important step towards a greener lifestyle.

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