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Customer Success Story:
Taipei Computer Association(TCA)

After two months of Custos service experience, TCA conducted a total of 6,772kg carbon reduction , saving a significant amount of resources and reducing environmental waste.


Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is the largest information organization in Taiwan. In addition to hosting various large-scale technology exhibitions at the World Trade Center and Nangang Exhibition Center each year, TCA provides training for nearly 4,000 member information professionals and computer skill assessments. They also offer consultations and services related to business information.

They also undertake numerous significant projects, including various government agencies, showcasing their wealth of experience and contributing to the development of applied applications in Taiwan's information industry.


TCA aims to respond to the current ESG trend, transforming into an organization that not only pursues development but also integrates environmental responsibility. They sought a method to actively engage all employees in carbon reduction efforts and decided to use the services of Custos.


Aside from the satisfaction derived from the design facilitating daily carbon reduction activities, the crucial aspect is that Custos provides an easily quantifiable tool for measuring carbon reduction effectiveness. This enables them to readily track the implementation progress of employee participation.


TCA organizes group participation by department, holding regular weekly meetings to announce the carbon reduction performance of each department and rewarding outstanding ones.


Simultaneously, Custos has established a technical service consulting team, providing TCA with real-time support through the internet as needed.


After a two-month competition, TCA achieved remarkable results. The entire company saved 6,772 kg of carbon. They also held an award ceremony to reward the most actively participating departments and individuals.

One of the most effectively utilized activities in which TCA participated is "Take Stairs." Through the charts, we can see that everyone unconsciously climbs numerous stairs every day, significantly reducing elevator usage.

This not only promotes individual health but also contributes to energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Custos aims to focus on these small lifestyle changes, making carbon reduction truly integrated into people's daily lives and becoming a habit.


Although the competition organized by TCA for employees has concluded, the management remains committed to encouraging continuous participation in carbon reduction activities.


They hope to sustain contributions to energy conservation. Utilizing the gift feature within Custos, supervisors will provide generous rewards to further motivate employee participation.

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